Summit GeoStructures is a shotcrete contractor based in Lindon, Utah specializing in shotcrete construction for shoring walls, infrastructure repair, structural walls, sculpted shotcrete, shotcrete structures, pools/spas and water features.

Summit GeoStructures team has a wide breadth of construction experience with with a specialization in the design and construction of shotcrete in structural and architectural applications.

The Summit GeoStructures team has a diverse background in design, construction and project management. We combine our engineering knowledge and practical construction know how with sound project management, cost control, and quality control practices to meet our project and client objectives.

Our Work

Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure and Industrial

Our team has experience with a wide range of project scopes, sizes and construction methods in various different market sectors. Summit GeoStructures strives to provide quality products for our clients from small residential pools, spas and water features to large scale structural or architectural shotcrete wall facings and everything in between.

Don’t hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain construction method can benefit your project or development opportunity. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and look forward to discussing what we can offer.

Our Promise

The quality of our work product is of paramount importance to us. We strive to provide economic and innovative solutions that can benefit your project while ensuring a quality product and a safe working environment for our team.

What We Do

Summit GeoStructures specializes in development, design and construction of specialty construction projects involving the use of shotcrete. Our primary service area is in the rocky mountain region but we are always interested in specialty shotcrete projects outside of this area if we can offer a cost effective solution. We strive to provide innovative design and construction solutions for buildings, retaining walls, architectural shotcrete finishes, pools and water features. Our team has a wealth of experience in shotcrete installation for shoring systems, retaining walls, shear walls, foundation walls, concrete remediation, pools/spas, water features, shotcrete structures and mining.

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Working with us

Specialty Shotcrete Contractors

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Commitment to Safety

While efficiency is extremely important to us, we pride ourselves on quality, artistry, and most importantly, jobsite safety. Summit GeoStructures completes safety training and conducts random job inspections to aid with training employees and supervisors to look to identify and mitigating jobsite hazards. Our superintendents and engineers maintain an OSHA 30-hour construction safety certification and field employees maintain an OSHA 10-hour construction safety certification.  In addition, some of our team has experience and the safety training to work on MSHA mine sites.

Summit GeoStructures safety program includes pre-construction hazard assessments, daily task hazard meeting, weekly hazard safety topics and targeted training programs for specific tasks. Our safety program aims identify and address known hazards, evaluate incidents to avoid repeat occurrences and maintain a zero incident workplace.

Licenced Contractors

Residential Construction

Panel structures, foundation stabilization, pools, spas and water features.

Commercial Construction

Shotcrete foundation walls, slope stabilization, shear walls, shoring wall facings, pools, spas and water features.

Transportation Construction

Concrete remediation, shoring wall facings, sculpted shotcrete and masonry shotcrete finishes.

Government Construction

Sculpted shotcrete, playground areas, climbing walls, rockwork structures, water features and splash pads.


Our Clients


Commitment to Quality

The quality of our work product is of paramount importance to us. We strive to provide economic and innovative solutions that can benefit your project while ensuring a quality product and a safe working environment for our team. The engineering background of our management team allows us to offer the efficiency of design-build construction combined with a commitment to quality that come from the fact that everything we do is overseen by an engineer.

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