Reinforced panel building systems are a proven construction method that utilizes light weight load bearing modular panels with wire truss system combined with structural shotcrete to create a rigid building structure. The modular panels consist of a three-dimensional welded wire mesh built around an expanded polystyrene core. The three-dimensional mesh creates a high strength wall system once filled in with shotcrete. The polystyrene core provides superior insulation and soundproofing. With a skilled shotcrete and finishing team and a structural design that optimizes panel construction techniques,these systems can be used to produce a structure with superior rigidity, efficiency and durability. Our team has experience in the erection, reinforcing and shotcrete installation for several types of reinforced panel systems including EVG 3D and Tridipanels.

Dome and shell structures are commonly designed to use the benefits of an arching roof structure to provide high strength and durable structures with reasonable structural wall sections. While domes and other types of shotcrete shell structures can vary widely, they all include the installation of a curved reinforced curved shotcrete shell on some type of back form substrate. Our team has experience installing shotcrete on a wide range of such structures and providing various finish options.